The Company manages public open and closed parking lots according to the decision of the Vrsi Municipal Council (Official Gazette of the Vrsi Municipality 05-18) dated 03 July 2018.

Free parking is available for disabled people.

Decision about parking fees

Construction and craft services are designed to serve the needs of repairing and building public traffic surfaces, repairing and building new communal infrastructure and equipment for Vrsi Municipality, beaches, access roads, and other building and handicraft works towards third parties. In the summer months, employees are cleaning the beach and doing everything else what is needed for the Vrsi Municipality and Tourist Board of Vrsi to promote tourism such as the installation and dismantling of bins and chairs on outdoor stages for the needs of cultural events during the summer.

By decision about communal activities the maintenance and arrangement of the cemetery in Vrsi and Poljica was entrusted to the Company Vrsi infrastruktura d.o.o. (Official gazette of Vrsi Municipality 05-18).

You can check the pricelists of the service here.